Northeast Power Trip - Volume Two

Amtrak's Northeast Corridor train travels between the two great power centers of American Life - New York City, the financial and media capitol of America, and Washington, D.C. the political capitol of the country.  This route, also known as 'The Acela Corridor' for the fast trains those who can afford to speed their trip travel on, is a fascinating cross section of America abandoned and America renewed.  What do the elites see, or would they see if they looked up from their phones and laptops to see the country they are so critical to shaping?  This project, shot from the train, documents that view over a period of six years on my own trips back and forth.  It's a backyard view, often revealing what the front facing streets of America conceal - a subconscious, with unique stories, mysteries, wonders, and pain all along the way.  Although I'm riding on a speeding train, I'm guided by a street photography aesthetic.  I'm looking for life unvarnished, ephemeral moments, and even small gestures if I can get them.  For updates and new pics, follow @thenortheastcorridor on Instagram.

All Photographs ©James Prochnik, 2019 - Please do not use or re-post anywhere without written permission.