Street Photography (bw)

A New Beginning

I first launched my photography website a couple of years ago.  Since then something mysterious and wonderful happened. Photography moved from being important in my life, to being absolutely central.  I wake up with a genuine sense of purpose -  I want to walk new streets and meet new people. It's an incredible and fantastic and absurd world we are fortunate to live in, and the people - well the people, they're just amazing.  I've been overwhelmed by the generosity and humanity of the strangers I've met and seen.  Of course all is not good in our world and I don't wish to gloss over that reality. The camera doesn't - it's a tool that records both the light and the shadows. Like the camera, and like so many who've fallen in love with this medium before, I'm trying to see both and share something true about me and about my subjects and what it's like to live in this world today.

The photo below was taken in Leo Villareal's Multiverse, an installation and underground passageway that links the staid old National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. to it's younger, modern counterpart, The East Wing.