Take our picture!

Sunday was the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, and these three friends were celebrating. Normally, I approach people and ask for a photo, but they saw my camera, and asked if I'd take their picture. After I took the shot:

Me: My name's James, what are your names?
Woman on right: "My name's Sarah!"
Woman on left: "I'm Crystal."
Guy wearing Puerto Rican flag like a Superman cape: "You gotta guess my name!! I have the most stereotypical Puerto Rican name EVER!"
Me: Uh..umm...well...uh...
Sarah (Loud Stage Whisper): He's Carlos!
Me: Carlos?
Carlos: (genuinely) HA HA, YOU GOT IT, I LOVE IT! YOU'RE AWESOME!!
Me: Haha, yeah, lucky guess.