I was born in Santiago, Chile, raised in the Washington, DC area, and I'm currently based in Brooklyn, NY.   My images have been represented by Photonica, published in Fortune Magazine, USAToday.com, Boston.com, Timeout.com, Gothamist, and Buzzfeed, and shown in galleries across the United States.

I'm passionate about portraiture and street photography, and I'm enormously grateful to all those who've stopped and posed before my camera, and shared your stories with me.  You've taught me so much.

My fine art work also includes an ongoing series of sculptural assemblages, Object Poems.  

In addition to my photography work, I founded a web design consultancy, Artcentered Media, that helps other creative professionals reach the audiences they deserve.  

Questions or Comments?  Send me a note or connect with me on instagram!  I'd love to hear from you.

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